Providers showing offline

The patient sees provider as offline. Multiple staff seeing same issues. If I try to use account from dashboard, provider appears online momentarily, but no connection made.

Still an issue for at least one provider. When Admin assumes account, provider shows online. User has restarted computer multiple times.

Hi Larry. Have you checked out this help article?

Here are a couple of bits in particular that might be relevant. Potential causes:

  • Have you logged into your account on multiple devices? If one device goes to ‘sleep’ it will show you as offline even though you are logged in somewhere else.

  • Do you or your patient have a spotty wifi connection? If so, that can delay offline and available status updates from appearing accurately.

  • Do you have a firewall in place? requires a few different services to run, and they may be blocked by your browser settings.

If this does not help, I think you should seek support through the help button in the platform, they will be better positioned to help you figure this out.