Receiving call during

Our providers are seeing if they are on a Doxy Visit with a patient and that patient receives a phone call or text but does not answer, the audio drops out and they can no longer hear the patient and the patient cannot hear them. How do we prevent or resolve this when it happens?


It happens quite frequently to me as well. I warn my patients ahead to keep their phone on silent mode but it doesn’t seem matter. Sessions are interrupted and we both turn it off and I start over from opening chrome and, and have patient check in again. Very impractical and upsets patient’s understandably. If anyone have more efficient tricks, please advise. Thanks

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Me too! This is bothersome.

Me too! This is annoying.

This is now a new issue that has occurred just within the last two weeks. Hope there is a glitch in the system that can be fixed.

We are having the same issue. Anybody find a solution?

The best thing to do is encourage patients to perhaps put on the Do Not Disturb on the phone before starting the video call. I saw that Apple is reducing the incoming call feature taking over the entire screen with the new release to version 14 this fall, and that should further help reduce any calls being affected. Also, it does it help to just select the Gear icon and resync the call quickly, vs having a patient log out and log back in to the waiting room. Audio Issue: My Audio is Unclear | Help Center