Red dot periodically shows up on Chrome shortcut page

I have noticed that the icon on the Chrome shortcut page sometimes has a red dot but sometimes it doesn’t. I thought this was supposed to indicate that a patient is waiting. However, it’s happening when I have no clients scheduled. I’ve verified several times that no one is there. I use both a Mac and a PC laptop and my browser is Google Chrome. This happens regardless of the computer I’m using. It’s a little unsettling. Any ideas about what is happening?

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Thank you for posting, @melaniemartinlpc. Let me see if I’m understanding the question correctly.

Sometimes the icon for your bookmark shows like this: image
Other times the icon shows like this: image

I will look into the reason for this variation, but please correct me if you are asking a different question.

Yes! That’s what I’m asking. It’s a little unsettling. Thanks!

@melaniemartinlpc, I’m checking with the development team to confirm the exact expected behavior for the icon in the browser tab, but the shortcut icon will never update on its own and cannot be used as an indicator of a change in status. The shortcut cannot receive “live” information to update the icon and won’t update unless you actually visit the page again. So, the shortcut will typically show the last status of the icon on the browser tab when you last visited the page.

OK! That makes sense and definitely makes me feel better.
Thanks so much for all of your help and for your super fast responses!

Melanie Martin

This is my issue to. Is there a solution or a work around using Chrome to receive an accurate alert that a patient is waiting. That is what I care about most. Marcia

The most effective way to get notified using Chrome is by enabling browser notifications on the Notifications tab in your Account Settings.

You should receive a message within Chrome asking you to allow notifications from, but you can also click on the “lock” to allow notifications.

Once you have browser notifications enabled, you will receive a pop-up notification on your desktop whenever a patient checks in to your waiting room.