Redirect after a call

Is it possible to set a URL redirect for after a call? I want to push users back to our main site after the call.


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Hi @juvae,

Thanks for reaching out! So I can understand the workflow better, why do you want users back on your main site after the call? What do you want them to do there?

We are working on a post call survey/bot that can direct patients where ever you want them to go after a call. We’re planning on end of Q3. I’ll keep you in the loop when we make progress!

Hi Schuyler,

The telehealth call is only one part of a journey our users do. we would like to push them back to our site to continue that journey. If its not possible to setup a redirect (even with a small JS script) could we at least put a button on the page to click them through?

Hi @juvae, we could accommodate this with hyperlinks in the waiting room content, as well as you are able to send hyperlinks in the text chat messages. So after the call, you could ask the providers to send something like this:

“Thank you for the visit, please return to our homepage by clicking this link:

I don’t think editing the waiting room content will work because the users are logged out and sent to the login screen after a call instead of going to a thank you page. We will have to wait until q3 for the new feature for this.

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