Remote control in screen share


It is very important to be able to provide the client with remote control access when in screen share. This facilitate assessment and collaboration with the patient/client/service user. This is a feature currently provided by other video conferencing platforms.



For this, what are some types of actions would the client be taking? A few example will help us understand what might be required to build out this ability.



This facilitates assessment and collaboration with the patient/client/service user.
This is currently being provided by Vsee and other video conferencing platforms. Please let me know if you would like to meet for a demo. This is a feature I GREATLY miss since moving from vsee to doxy and limits the client population I can serve.



Okay, could you give me a few specific examples or what actions they will be taking. Like, what will they do when you do this?

This will help us evaluate the feasibility and time to build this functionality.



For example, completing psychological assessment and collaborating with building thought/behavioral models (drawing together).
At TOP Clinc- The Online Psychology Clinic, we aim to replicate the non-distance therapeutic space online.
If you reflect on the things you can do with your therapist in the same room, that you cannot do in the doxy clinic online space, quite a few of these things are resolved with remote control screenshare.