Remote devices for patients

Hi all, in this post I’m looking to gauge interest in remote devices to collect health information from patients.

I have one specific option, but would love to hear 1. how interested in this you are, and 2. what specific needs do you have? (what type of information do you need to collect)

My specific example is with a company called Steth IO, which offers a stethoscope that can be used in tandem with An MA could meet with the patient prior to the provider and collect information with the remote device. They have a good brochure with more information and billing codes. They also have an interesting pricing model that makes the devices either very cheap or free, but charge peruse. (I’ll be working with them on pricing if we end up going down this road).

Would you like to see Steth IO and other devices like this have a better, more seamless integration with Do you forsee and problems or must-haves from this? If you are interested in Steth IO specifically let me know and I would love to work with you on a trial run.

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Dylan, “Hospital @ Home” is becoming a popular topic these days. I’m a sys admin at a hospital that recently started trialing Doxy for a couple clinic MDs. They LOVE it. Since many hospitals and clinics are digging into digital front doors “DFD” and remote medicine for synchronous and asynchronous visits, and things like MDLive, I would anticipate your efforts in the area of at home devices and labs would be a popular subject. Steth, Ox/Pulse, Temperature, Blood Pressure, would all be very popular I am sure. Especially for those organizations that can’t afford an MDLive type service (Rural healthcare, rural critical access, mental health clinics, etc). You efforts are appreciated! - Todd

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We are very interested. We currently offer remote monitoring services, with online and in-person follow-up, and are now in the process of including patient data from different devices into the process. We are now looking at different options for devices (vital signs monitor, stethoscope, glucose monitors, blood pressure, and other devices.

Very interesting @ingcueto . I’d love to learn more as you go through this process and how could help with workflows/integrations.

Did you know that we now have a feature in beta testing for greater audio sensitivity when using connected devices–such as a stethoscope for auscultation?

You can learn more in this forum post.

If you’re interested in getting early access to medical device audio, and providing feedback to improve, please contact our team at