Reporting capabilities

I am new to, and was hoping that there was some type of reporting capabilities built-in? I know you can see a provider’s sessions, but have to go one-by-one to see this. For a large group, this can be very cumbersome. Any ideas?


Great question and something we hope for as well! We have over 90 providers and it would be a huge undertaking to do this one by one.


I agree with this. We need more admin options to manage all users

I had to go into each of my 45 dashboards to change the video quality setting and edit their waiting rooms so all had our custom text and where consistent across the board.


We have 86 users on currently, and I agree that reporting would be very helpful. How else will I know whether users who asked for accounts are even using them? it would be great if the “owner” account had access to a simple report that showed past 30-day volume (number of calls, number of logins) by user.


I agree - we have over 300 providers, and we need to know who is utilizing this awesome tool and who is not, so we can educate them


Bumping this in priority for a lot of the same reasons mentioned. We have 600+ providers using the platform and from what I can tell, we have no way to see collectively how many Telehealth minutes we’ve done or sessions we’ve conducted since inception or for a date range. More would be nice, but this would be valuable from an enterprise level to start.


Our leadership is asking for reporting dashboard and analytics.

The ad hoc once monthly manual report is not sufficient so I hope Doxy is looking to give admin those rights.

Does doxy have a timeline for this?

I have not any comments from Doxy on this.

It states on their website the below.

Interesting….I have not been able to find anything, so I guess it is time to rattle their cage again.


I was not able to find anything either. I have an email is as well. Good luck!

Check this one out…