Restarting a call and remaining in the waiting room, audio feedback on headphones

Sometimes, there are little glitches in a connection which can be easily resolved by restarting a call. Is there any way to restart a call from the practitioner side without kicking the client out of the waiting room so they have to log in again?

Also, I prefer to use a headset and encourage my services users to do the same. This creates a very intimate and private environment between myself, the practitioner, and service user. In psychological therapy, a practitioner might not speak for many minutes at a time; It would not be too unusual that I am quiet for 20 minutes, for example, before I provide a verbal intervention. I notice that this seems to make the microphone on my headset “nervous”. It starts to increase its sensitivity to sounds. Something, then happens where my clients’ voice starts to get garbled and they get feedback on there side. This is resolved by muting my microphone on my side when I am not speaking for more than a few minutes. Muting and unmuting is distracting for me. Does anyone else have this problem and are you aware of how to solve it?

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Hi Dr. Lauren, great insights. I have a couple quick options for you from the side:

  1. Quickly restart the call. While you are on the call, open the gear icon and then hit the “Sync video” button. That will quickly restart the call which can help with these random connection glitches.

  2. Quickly mute and unmute yourself with the Space bar. While on a call, you can use the Space bar on your computer to quickly mute and unmute yourself. I find this useful when I’m in an area with background noise so I can quickly reengage the conversation without trying to click the mute button.

Try out those options and let me know if they help!

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This is sync video option is very helpful, thank you!
Unfortunately, I would rather not need to mute my mic when speaking with the client. If you have any suggestions on how to get rid of, or decrease feedback that would be appreciated. I am thinking of purchasing a new headset, otherwise, to see if that helps.

Purchasing a new headset resolved this issue. Thanks, so much, for your help!