Return patient to waiting room

I’d like the ability to end a call and send the patient back to the waiting room rather than kicking the patient out of the system entirely.

Sometimes the connection is very poor if the patient does not have a good signal, or sometimes the patient’s camera and/or microphone are not working properly and the patient can’t figure it out. I then have to use the chat feature and explain to the patient that they may need to connect to Wi-Fi or get to an area with better signal or to restart their device or to use the pre-call test to check their device. But while using chat to guide them through all this, we are still in the call and they can sometimes still see and hear me, so I’m sitting there with them staring at me and listening to me while I type and while I’m sometimes talking to staff. Of course I can turn my camera and microphone off, but those are added steps and the patient can see that I did that. Also, when ending an unsuccessful call and the patient gets kicked out, they sometimes do not realize that they can just go back to the initial link and re-click it to go back into the waiting room. Sometimes they wait for another invitation text. And sometimes we have to call them on the phone and guide them to go back into the waiting room.

It would be nice to end the call while keeping the patient in the waiting room so that they can immediately go to the pre-call test or we can continue to chat through text while I can potentially start another video call. Thanks.


You can do that already, check out the following help page.

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Awesome, thanks for the info.

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We have a “Superuser” located in each clinic who calls the patient 2-3 days before the appointment** to work out the “bugs” and give them advice on how to have a successful call with their provider.

Advise them to make certain they have accepted their OS updates, use the latest browser and we use the “Patient Tips for Improved Call Quality” from Doxy:

We also suggest that they have the tv turned down and not have other family members gaming or using their phones that eat up the bandwidth.

Good luck!