Reusing a room name for a previously deleted account

I created a room name for a provider, subsequently deleted the account (as I was learning the system), and the recreated the account. However, I can no longer use the room name originally created and I get the error that the room name is already in use. But I know it’s not because I deleted the account and the room name is not in use. Is it possible to do that?

I both saw this work and had it not work at different times this past week. Ultimately, when it refused to work, I had to choose a different email/room name.

Anyone find a solution to this? I had a room name created under one user in Clinic, deleted that room and created a new one by a different name. I then went to creat a shared room on a different user, attempting to use the original name. It says the name is already being used.

Nothing yet on my end. Waiting on Doxy to figure this out once their life calms down…