Risks of Telehealth

Are you providing a notice to the patient regarding the risks associated with telehealth and the steps they can take to reduce risks and if so, what info are you sharing with them?

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You’re supposed to have all that info in you Telehealth consent form which clients sign at the beginning along with intake forms. For established clients moving to Telehealth, you still need to have them sign this consent.

Just about to say, it’s outlined in the Informed Consent and see another therapist said it.

Why spend so much energy on your concern when Telehealth is about helping people and not spooking them. Unless you e had a horrible incident that you want to share, let’s not make things more worrisome.

If you’ve had a bad Telehealth experience, please share it as we are a community to help each other.

What sort of “risks” are you referring to? There would be a lot more risk to a client if they couldn’t access their therapist for (so far) nine months.

We recently had a Risk Assessment and this was one of the recommendations. I am just reaching out to other Doxy.Me providers to ask how you are handling obtaining the Informed Consent and informing the patient about the HIPAA risks. One recommendation that we did not consider is having the patient turn Alexa off to prevent possible recording of the visit.