Safety feature (for providers) requested

As a provider who has had a former patient stalk me, and also sometimes have patients with boundary issues, I have a feature suggestion. I’m especially considering this as I am looking to move back to doing a combination of in person and telehealth visits in my office which is fairly isolated esp in the evening hours. The current waiting room set up allows anyone logged in on the waiting room webpage to see if the provider is available or if the provider is in a call. I think adding the option or changing it so that only patients logged into the waiting room can see this could reduce some knowledge of my whereabouts and availability. So only those who have given a passcode can get into the waiting room and see my availability, see if I’m online or not or in a call. Honestly changing this feature could also help with patients boundary issues who can look at my availability see that I move from in a call to available and then start calling me or texting me because “you are available.” As a psychologist sometimes I don’t need patients to know that much about my activities, or my availability and unavailability. An additional problem with this feature is sometimes patients delay logging in because they see provider not available or provider in a call and then they wait to login until I’m available, not knowing or realizing or remembering that I have the text reminders that tells me someone in the waiting room. So time is wasted that could’ve been spent doing therapy if they’d they just logged in at their scheduled time.

Honestly a toggle feature that just allows that to not be seen could be ideal, if a toggle option to limit where it’s visible doesn’t work. Or both. :grinning:

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Hi @drsavage, thank you for posting on the discussion board. This is really great feedback, and thank you for sharing. I think this is something we can accommodate. But let us think about how best to approach the solution.

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