Samsung A32 5G cannot do video call

I have 3 clients whom have all recently purchased new Samsung phones. They are using Android version 11 and using Chrome as their default browser. I have gone through all troubleshooting/set up steps with them and we still cannot do video call. I have made sure that they have given permission to for camera and microphone. This has to be a doxy issue since it is 3 clients. How can this be fixed?

Thank you for posting, @patience. Each of these clients was attempting to use the Samsung Galaxy A32 5G to connect? If so, it may be an issue with that specific device as I regularly test with my Samsung Galaxy S21 5G using Android 11. Can you give us the date and time (with timezone) of these attempts so we can research further what the issue may be?

I know for sure one was the A32 5G. I will need to double check to see the exact model of the two other phones. That appointment was twice last week, one on Wednesday, July 21st at 10:00am EST and again on Friday, July 23rd at 11:00am EST.

We recently had to send back / cancel contracts on 40+ Samsung Tab A (8") that we purchased mid-2020. It was deemed by Verizon tech and reps they were not able to perform video conferencing properly via 4G (maybe in your case 5G) due to missing signal bands required by the Cell provider. They said Verizon would detect video conference on the voice intended bands and throttle them down to unusable.

I will list below my findings after a full swap of 40 units and then ultimately shipping / cancelling the service on them.

A32 5G are the more budget devices of Samsung as were my Tab A 8’s. When a device is cheaper there are less licensing of features on it. Not saying this is your issue, but it very well could be a cell provider issue. As a test, have the people switch to Wi-Fi. The A32 are MORE than capable processing wise to handle that. However, the 4g/5g bands on the device might not be enough for successful transmission.

I wish I would have never had to go through the issues, but wanted to share. And yes my S21 via the same tower was able to perform Doxy even with the same poor signal versus my sub-200 tablet. Via Wi-Fi the performance was excellent on both.

The minimum requirements for services arent always listing such a disclaimer or necessity for checking for something as odd as a signal band.

All listed tablets are found to have the issue: when utilizing teleconferencing video via 4G, 4G “flaps” or disconnects and reconnects, over and over, until the software is closed. No video sessions can be taken via 4G. However, in the same teleconferencing via Wi-Fi only, it works wonderfully. The tablets have been tested in their original zipcode A and taken to another zipcode B to make sure they receive another tower/signal. They have been updated to the fullest of stock apps and operating system. There are zero third party apps installed. 5 of the batch were factory reset, and still present the issue.

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