Schedule tracking

I would like to have access to a schedule for upcoming sessions. Any thoughts on when this might be available? Currently, it only shows previously held sessions.

Here is information from the help center that you will find helpful. Integration: Scheduling solution | Help Center

Unfortunately, this does not work for me. There does not seem to be clarity regarding once I schedule appointments for the week or month and tracking.
The system allows me to see precuous sessions that I have completed.
But there is no way to see upcoming sessions that are scheduled.


We are the video platform that allows you to meet with your clients so you are welcome to use any scheduling program that suits your needs. uses Calendly. I know some providers use a Google calendar and I have met with some that are still old school and use a planner. We don’t put limitations on what other tools you use to integrate or enhance especially if you choose to use the Free version.

Thank you for the clarity. I look to integrate my google calendar.

You are quite welcome.