Screen freezes on Safari


When I log on with Safari, the screen immediately freezes. I can’t click on anything on the site. I’ve tried resetting the allow/ask commands on preferences. I’ve tried clearing the history, and I’ve tried restarting the computer. Nothing worked.

The problem just started cropped up out of nowhere after a fairly good days with patients last week.

Interestingly, I was able to turn on my camera and mic when using Firefox. But on Firefox, I can’t logout as that button, as well as all the other buttons on the left (except Dashboard) are un-clickable (“ghost mode”).

Would appreciate any tips or ideas!

This just started today with me also after the MacOS 10.15.4 update. I haven’t had a chance to try to find a workaround, but the problem does seem to be related to the OS update.

Interesting. Thanks for letting me know, Randall.

I have verified the same problem on iPads which were just updated to 13.4. The same update is available for iPhones today. Tomorrow, we will begin to encounter patients who have had their iPhones auto-updated. The same problems occur on the patient facing side of Doxy if using an iPhone. If you are interacting with patients on iPhones, get a backup plan in place.

We are looking into this now. Thank you for posting

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Same here. We are also seeing the issue.

Following this topic. Same issue here as well. I just updated and iPhone to iOS 13.4 and tested it. Safari browser froze pretty bad as soon as I entered the waiting room. I had to force stop it Safari.

Thanks for investigating Dylan!

Yes, this is confirmed not working on website. There is an issue getting access to the Camera. This is also impacting the latest desktop Mac OS 10.15.4 on Safari only. More updates to come.

Do you only test on android? What about all the replies that this was a network issue?

This isn’t network related.

Thanks for following up. I’ve been trying to report this for days.

iOS 13.4 doesn’t work nor does the latest Mac OS.

Will there be a solution by tomorrow?

Hi Dylan, my point was that all of the replies from you for this issue have directed users to check connectivity. Now based on the latest post and the specific posts from IOS device users, looks like Doxy pushed an update without testing it in apple products. Wow that’s rough. End result is the same though, whether you fail due to QA or capacity, you will lose customers.

@drspowart This is a specific issue regarding the latest issue of iOS and Mac iOS safari. This is not talking about connectivity issues while in an audio/video session.

I’m thankful for this community that brought this to our attention so we have an opportunity to address before the USA wakes up.

Everyone, we’ve implemented a quick fix that doesn’t freeze the page, but only the microphone is working without user intervention. We are working on a permeant resolution. Please register for updates on this page: and see our help pages for a work-around.

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@drspowart Doxy didn’t push anything new, so they didn’t fail in release testing. But they should have been testing beta releases. This beta has been available for months. Apple is very regular in their release processes and the update is likely due to security and to keep programs from abusing camera permissions.

I’m guessing this is a lesson Doxy has now learned for a while.

In addition to the betas, should also keep a mac with the safari preview edition installed too.

Thanks Dylan for the quick response. I did implement the work-arounds and they are successful, with one change.

On my iPhone XS Max, to access the permissions for the website, it is accessed in Safari itself by:

  1. tapping the Aa button at the top left of the address bar (when on the Doxy website)
  2. access ‘Website Settings’
  3. enable ‘allow’ for camera and microphone
    If I accessed Safari through settings, I could only change access for all websites.

Hope that helps, and the other fixes come soon. I’m not looking forward to walking all of my clients through this today…

camera instruction

I threw this together, easy to add into the waiting room.

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I tried logging in on Safari this morning, including using the the suggested fix from LLC Status (manually turn on camera and mic in Preferences). This didn’t work. The screen still freezes.

However, I tested everything out using Firefox instead of Safari. Everything seems to work well there now. So perhaps the best solution for the time being is use a different browser.

Any update on this Dylan?

No meaningful update. I expect a full resolution no later than tomorrow morning.