Screen freezing and sound failing all day

Has anyone else had problems this week with frozen screen and no sound from client’s end at start of session? Had to restart multiple times to rectify the problem. At least twice had to switch to another platform. Happened on both desktop and laptop using Safari . Pretest worked fine but doxy would then detect no sound. Haven’t had problems like this in a while.

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Thank you for posting, @rkare. I’m sorry that you’ve encountered these issues. It looks like this is a known issue from your recent Safari update to version 15. Please try using another browser, such as Chrome or Firefox, when you run into this issue.

To see more details or follow updates on this issue, visit our status page. You can subscribe to updates on the issue by clicking Subscribe in the yellow heading.

Does this mean both parties on the call have to use a browser other than Safari for the problem to be rectified? I am noticing the issue can sometimes be remedied following a couple of restarts but it is not automatic and not always the case.

Safari 15 isn’t in very wide use yet, so someone could be on Safari 14.1.2 (the most recent version before 15) and not have issues. However, if either person is using Safari 15, you could run into the freezing issues.

I have been having the same difficulties since last week. Other colleagues are having the same experiences.

I too have been having> the same difficulties for the first time, all day today.
Very disappointing.

Same here. It’s so frustrating. Will Doxy fix this so I can use Safari again?

Just checked the status page. It isn’t just the video. The sound is also affected. It’s so low I can’t hear what patients are saying.

So, I tried using Chrome instead of Safari v15, hoping I’d have a good session. I could barely hear my patient. This issue has not been resolved.

Unfortunately, this has happened several times to me, most of the time when an Apple product is used on either end. I and others have complained about connection difficulties with Apple products, but nothing has changed for several months. I have changed over to another platform and stopped paying for Doxy for that very reason. I don’t have this problem on Zoom or Teams

Same! I’m now using Psychology Today Sessions with no problems.

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I have had the freezing issue all week! This has been very frustrating!!!

YES, ON and off for last 4 months. Sometimes screen freezes for a few seconds or more. Sometimes audio in and out on both sides. I usually use chrome on a Mac Book . This happened both before and after I updated to most recent apple system.

I am having the same issues, over and over. One of my patients got so frustrated, unbeknown to me, he contacted Doxy help. They told him that my internet signal is weak. However, I have used another platform when having issues with this, and my internet was clearly not the problem. My patient told this to the rep. Yesterday I had to switch out of doxy for every patient. This is ridiculous. I use an ipad, so I thought I would try my laptop. The video camera image of me is very poor, so I am hesitant to use it with a patient. My laptop is uptodate. I signed in on Edge.

Thank you all for sharing your concerns. We have made several improvements to connectivity over the past several weeks. This morning, we deployed a fix for the freezing issues on Safari, iOS, and iPadOS 15+ and you should no longer encounter those issues.

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Same issue here. A moderator in this thread is blaming this on Safari. I am using Firefox with same behavior. Spontaneous drop of video (and audio) from my end. I can still see the clients screen and hear them as well. They were using chrome

I had trouble with this on Tuesday as well as today. There seems to be theme with apple products on the clients side. I am on a PC