Screenshare and teleconsent

Today my clients are reporting that they cannot see the teleconsent in full.
I am having issues on my side, as well, as only a very small portion of the page is within view. I used to be able to see almost the full page in the viewer, now it is just a small portion making it difficult for the clients, and myself, to see and sign. Am I the only person having this issue?

Also, the screenshare feature does not work with some Jpg viewers, which is quite inconvenient. Screenshare through selecting a particular window, also, does not seem to pick up on scrolling in excel. Sharing my entire desktop fixes this, however it is not a solution as the individuals in the waiting room would become visible to the client I am sharing my screen with making doxy not confidential.

Do you have any solutions to these issues?

Hi Dr. Lauren, let me check out the Teleconsent issue and report back.

Hmm, I haven’t heard of those issues with screenshare either. Let me try to reproduce it.

Hi Dr. Lauren, sorry about that inconvenience. Luckily it was a simple fix, I added some bottom-spacing on one of your Teleconsent documents, and it should now be viewable / editable by your patients who use mobile devices. If there are any others you would like to be updated, please let me know, and I’d be happy to do it:

Regarding screenshare: Once everything on the document is filled out, we make it downloadable in a PDF format so your patients will need to use a dedicated PDF viewer (if on mobile) or open it like any other document if on desktop / laptop computer. I’ll email you my room link, if you have a minute to chat I would like to see first hand what’s happening when selecting a single window to screenshare.

  • Max

Hi Max, thank you for looking into this so promptly.
Another little bug appeared this morning regarding our logo which is now overlaying the video screen for some reason. I am not sure you understand the screenshare issue, so I would be happy to meet with you, briefly, to demonstrate.

Hi, I’m new to doxy. How do I get clients started?

Hi, you can start by logging into your Dashboard here: then “Copy” your room link, and paste it into an email draft or text message & send to a patient. They’ll appear in your waiting room, and you can hover over their name to start the video call. You can also reach out with questions via the help icon in lower right corner of your Dashboard.

  • Max

Hello Max and Dylan,
Huge thank you to Max for meeting with me to resolve these issues.
Unfortunately, the teleconsent issue re-emerged this week and I can only see a small portion of the page through the viewer at a time. Is it possible to see a larger portion of the page on both the practitioner and patient side?