Screenshare Glitchy on Macbook Pro with M1 chip

I have recently switched to a Macbook Pro with the M1 chip. I often times use the screenshare function to run EMDR with counseling clients. Sometimes when I share my screen with a client, my client’s screen will flash or alternate between normal and black.

I don’t have this problem when using my Windows 10 laptop.

Hi there!
How long has this issue been occurring? Can you please try selecting share entire screen and see if you still have the same issue?
Thank you!


Thanks for reaching out to me. This problem started last Wednesday and is continuing through today.

  • When I try the screen share options of share entire screen or share application I get an error message “could not start screenshare”.
  • When I select screen share option for Chrome the screen on my client’s computer alternates produces a black screen about every 3 seconds. When I run a set the screen shows the image moving back and forth on the screen for the client but it does not run smoothly.
  • I don’t think this is a signal strength issue because both client and I have good audio and video when not screen sharing.



I have not heard anything back from you but I am still having this problem.

I am frustrated because I am not getting communication from doxy and this problem is not getting resolved.


Hi Bill,

Our team is releasing a fix tomorrow. It should address the screenshare issues. Please let us know if you still encounter any problems!


I appreciate the update and I look forward to this issue being resolved.

Overall, I am disappointed with how difficult it is to get a human response from and I am paying a monthly fee! Is there someone I can give my feedback to about my experiences with doxy.

Bill Glotzbach