Security Questions

Hi there,

I saw in the Help documents a little information about security and the aspects Doxy.Me is responsible for versus the user’s responsibility. I usually work at an office with work-issued equipment but as a result of COVID19 I am using my personal laptop from home. We’re trying to setup telehealth and planning to use Doxy.Me, probably with a Clinic plan. Can you please tell me what type of security measures I need to take? I have a password required to connect to my personal wifi at home (Is that enough? Do I need a VPN? What kind of password do I need?) and I have a Macbook Pro. I will make sure my operating system is the most up-to-date, but I saw a reference to antivirus and firewall and could use recommendations or suggestions for myself, as well as colleagues using PCs.

Thank you. I’m not super tech savvy when it comes to security components.

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