See what state a Patient is Checking-in from


Some states or insurance companies require you only see patients in locations you are licensed in. We are thinking about displaying this in the dashboard when a patient checks in so you can be sure they are located in a state you are allowed to see them in.

Would this be useful to you? If so let us know more about your specific case and what information you would need to verify that person is located in the state they say they are.

Potential issues: sometimes location can’t be verified exactly. For example the patient could connect to a VPN in a different location. Let us know the exact requirements required by your state laws or insurance company.


As a psychologist, this would certainly be useful as clients must be located in a state where I am licensed. I believe I have to make a good faith effort so verification of IP address location would be good.


Thanks for the feedback! Would you just need state info or would Town/State be useful as well?


So, State is the most important for licensing purposes.

Though for possible crisis management purposes, the address from which they are calling would be useful, but I assume that’s easier to simply inquire from the client.


Extremely useful! Just the state needs to be noted, not the city.


This would be very useful as it would save a lot of time. I currently Practice in PA. I have a current client who moved to TX and I would like to know if I can provide tele therapy to her. She is in a position where she cannot afford anything where she is and she and I have built a strong therapeutic relationship so she would like to continue with me. I want have to have continuity in her care.


Our new Patient Queue has been released and now shows the location of where your patient is checking in from!