See your patient while using other programs

Up until now (soon to be released), when using another program (an EHR for example to take notes) and at the same time you would need to reposition the browser windows, split half and half, or use a dual monitor to see your patient and take notes at the same time.

Now, we are planning on releasing a “picture in picture” mode where you can “pop” your patient’s video feed out and put in on the forefront where you’ll be able to see them no matter what program you switch to.

Let us know your thoughts on this before we release it and see if you have any suggestions.

New icon in bottom right corner:

Popped out video while using another program:

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Yes, please! That would be great!

This is AWESOME! Yes, please.

This is AWESOME… yes, please.

Happy holidays!

This is great!! But is it an update, or will cost be added to monthly fee?

Hi Kay, and thanks for posting. I’ve gone ahead and released this for all of our accounts to begin with. Let us know what you think!

*not all browser support this but desktop chrome and Firefox should