Seeing 2 clients from different places in one session

I have a parent session with divorced parents who live separately. How can I see both of them at the same time in the “treatment room”?

I need this option, too (seeing 2 clients who live in separate locations) and to date don’t know how to do this. 06/11/2020

Invite both first. Start call when 1st one checks in. When second one checks in, they will pop up on the left. Hit group call, Click them, hit “add to call”, and it should work. Cannot do second invite once you are in the call already.

I don’t think you can if you are on the free account, but with our paid account, you just use it like the group…

I paid for one month to test using doxy for a group of 4 clients - awful experience. Doxy Help answered me and said they are working on it. For multiple clients calling in from different devices, there is no good way of having everyone’s face be of equal size. I won’t pay for a 2nd month.

Had a terrible experience with group call. People who joined last had big pictures, whereas moderator had small picture in the corner. Three of six people had trouble getting audio and video to work properly. Group function needs serious enhancement esp. as many of us see family members from different locations. Please enhance this option Thanks.

Hi There,

We are always looking to improve the Group Call feature. There are a some small steps you can take to help improve the call in the interim. I will list out some small things you can do to help improve the group call experience.

Small things to do to help improve the Group Call when you have some participants with known low internet speeds:

  1. Whomever is starting the call switch your Video Quality Setting to Low Definition in Account Settings > Room Settings. (no SD or HD)

  2. If Participants are not speaking please have them Mute their microphones, if they do not need to be seen until talking please encourage them to mute the Mic and Stop their video feed.

  3. Make the browser tab you are using for the video call (Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari) NOT full screen, reducing the size of the browser window will reduce the pixels displayed, make the image appear clearer and reduce bandwidth used.

  4. Please make sure phones, tablets and laptops have a decent battery charge, processing live video calls with a low battery can add a lot of demand to the device and may result in dropped calls or audio issues.

  5. Old Devices with poor processing power(CPU’s) can have a tough time with demanding live video, especially the larger the number of people on the call, try and use the newest device the patient may have access to.