"Send a screenshot" button for tech troubleshooting

I provide a lot of tech support to our patients who are having difficulty when initially connecting.

The most challenging cases are with patients who aren’t very tech savvy, and have difficulty either describing their issues, answering my questions, or following my directions.

I would love it if there was a way for a patient to EASILY send me a screen shot of their screen. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but that’s an understatement when providing tech support.

With a photo, I could see what browser they are using (Samsung Internet doesn’t work).
I could guide them to refresh their screen (either press the refresh circle, or the triple dot button).
If the camera is looking the wrong way, I can describe where to find the gear button.
If they can’t see me, I could verify.

It would be helpful if it could provide device information, not sure if that is allowed. Would love to know browser, wifi or bars of service. Would like to know if camera and mic are allowed, and their volume level. Any information that could be summarized might be helpful as well.

This capability would be useful when providing tech support, so it should be incredibly easy for the patient. Only 1-2 clicks away. It would be accessible from the waiting room, in case we can’t establish a session. Also accessible from a shared session, in case they are having some other difficulty.

Certainly, there are privacy concerns. I imagine that the patient would need to authorize this in some way. Images should be sent securely.

Not sure if the technology allows this. If not, I wonder if a webpage could be designed to guide a patient to take a screenshot and attach it in Doxy.

Anything to help us with tech support is appreciated.

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@dnelson That’s an interesting idea.

Regarding “It would be helpful if it could provide device information, not sure if that is allowed.” we do provide some of those things. If you click on the 3 dots next to the patient that has checked in you can view their device, browser, OS and if their microphone and camera are activated or not. You can also chat with that specific user from there. I’m not sure if you utilize this already but just wanted to make sure you were aware

Hope that’s helpful to you!

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Thank you Stockton. I use this information, it can be helpful. But its really the next step in troubleshooting that gets more complicated.

Its when the patient is in the waiting room, has entered their name, and claims that they allowed use of cam/mic, but is now having problems. Being able to see just a picture of their screen would help me to tell the patient what to do next (refresh, gear icon, change browser, etc).

If the patient could send a screenshot, it would also be helpful to include the summary of stats with it. Sorry if my request was not clear.

By the way, I also really like your gif animation. That gives me another idea of being able to play a troubleshooting gif animation for a patient. That could be much better than me trying to explain how to refresh, I would much rather play a gif animation. I will type up that suggestion as well.