Sending invitations while in a meeting

Anyone else wish the option to send an invitation was available while in a meeting? I often find that if I am wrapping up last minute w/ a patient, I wish I could be sending an invite to the next one. The option is not available until after you hang up.

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Hi Wayne. One way you could do this is you can open your dashboard in a new tab/window if you’d like, maybe go split-screen and have the two windows side-by-side for a moment while you send the invite.

You can also use picture-in-picture to see your patient’s video while you switch to another tab to send an invite.

Thanks. That will work well enough for the rare occasion I would need to do this.

Not sure what your problem is ettrickcounseling. You don’t know me at all or how I practice. If you are as judgmental IRL as you are in this comment, you need to do better, friend.

I don’t owe you an explanation, but I will give one nonetheless. I do my own rescheduling. Occasionally I have a patient literally take 5 minutes to search through their calendar to decide on when they can reschedule? They do not need my focus at this point, but it cuts into my documentation and text invite time. I take the time with them rather than just tell them to call the office to reschedule, but I do not want to rob time from the next patient. So, If I can at least send a text, I can do documentation later. Many of us are currently performing the multiple roles of a receptionist and scheduler and counselor when working from home without support staff.

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I’ve found myself wanting this option as well. Thanks for asking it and for the folks who replied.

And as always, I admire the intent but don’t feed the trolls

Thank you for sharing this request. In talking with other providers, I’ve learned that many of them send the invites right before the appointment only because they cannot specify the time or date in the invitation. Is that true for you as well @waynesilver and @jasonaylsworth? If so, you might appreciate knowing that we are currently beta testing a feature that gives providers the option to customize the message of the text invite, thereby enabling you to add a time and/or date. In this way, all invites could be sent out in the morning of the appointment, the day before, etc. Would this feature change your desire for the ability to send an invite while on a call in any way?


I had been using a separate free text app to do that every morning for this very reason. I just stopped, however, because I got feedback that patients were getting too many reminders as our EMR also sends a reminder. That said, my process is that if my patient is not in the waiting room at their scheduled time, I send a text. After 5 min, I give a call to make sure they were not having tech issues or missed the text. So, at this point I would not use the new feature. Hope that helps.

Yes, very helpful. Thank you for taking the time to respond. I can tell you are a thoughtful provider, doing everything you can to support your patients in this new telehealth world. Enjoy your evening.

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I think that would option would be great.

Hi Krystal! Curious if you are referring to the ability to edit text invites, or the ability to send invitations while on a call?

Mostly the ability to edit text invites, but ability to send invites while on a call would be useful too.

Huh, I don’t send invites at all–I do once, and then clients just sign in themselves and I can see they are waiting. But I have a pretty stable caseload, and not many new clients. It sounds like a lot of people send invites for every client for every session?

This is really good news. I often need to say “your appointment is at … but I might be a few minutes late if I’m finishing up with the previous patient.” And it would be nice to be able to says "download the newest version of Safari/iOS since Doxy is so glitchy with previous versions.