Sending Invitations

I can’t find a post where this is specifically addressed. Using the free version, there are 2 viable options to “invite clients”. The most straightforward is using “calendar” to send the invite, because it has dropdowns for date and time built into it.

The email option sends a pre-generated invitation to the room, but there is no context for date and time. In other words, if you send it “as is”, the person is getting an invite for now. If I add the date and time for the appointment to the body of the email, it doesn’t seem like there is any way the client still couldn’t just click the link and show up in the waiting room or queue.

How have you folks been handling invitations as “setting appointments”? Any suggestions or tips are much appreciated.

I’ve advised my agency we can set the appointments on Therapy Notes and just note it’s a telehealth session in the appointment box.

are you getting an answer? I am reading problems only and no solutions.

I did. Send me your email I’ll forward you Support’s reply. If mine doesn’t show up it’s

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