Session ends unexpectedly

For the past few weeks a couple of sessions per day have ended abruptly after approx 40-45 minutes.
Not a good time to end since the therapy session is still ongoing at that point.
Quality of audio/video was fine during the session.
I use either a Windows based 1 year old laptop with Chrome browser with plenty of RAM and processing lower, or an iPhone-11 with Safari and the problem occurs when Inise either one of these. I do not know the device or browser the client is using.

Good afternoon,

Thanks for the community support. I currently use Doxyme as a backup for my primary platform. Sometimes the client and I switch from my primary platform to Doxyme midway through session. It is a seamless shift. Usually, the client and I decide to make the switch if the client’s phone/computer is acting a little wacky while using my primary. In my experience, switching to Doxy remedies this issue and we are able to complete the session. This may account for why some of the sessions seem to end after 40-45 minutes.

I appreciate the feedback, and hope I continue to be assisted in this manner.


I am having the same issue with one particular client each week. It is cutting off near the end of the session, and we have to resign in to finish. It’s very jolting. No idea why it’s happening just with her.

I’ve had similar experiences always on Tuesday around the 50 minute mark (1:50 PST). I use Windows 10 with Chrome and my client uses her iPhone with Safari. We have a 75 minute session and this just started happening in the past twomonths.

Happened to me as well.

So - what is Doxy doing? Are they looking into the problem, their application, servers or connections? How do we find out if this is getting any attention?