Setting up Doxy SAML SSO

Trying to set up SAML SSO access for our clinic’s users through our SSO platform, but am needing the SAML attributes for our doxy domain to do this. Where can I find these attributes?

Hi! Yes, this is an $250 add-on feature and I’m worried with the COVID-19 pandemic it might take longer than usual to activate it (1-2 weeks). If you still would like to proceed open a “Live support chat” with us from your Clinic account dashboard and be prepared with this information:

Your Clinic Account subdomain: https:// subdomain

Custom login button label: Login with {{customName}} - (see as an example)

SAML 2.0 (Shibboleth) IdP entry point URL: {{your entry point URL}}

IdP public certificate: {{your public certificate}}

Mapping of SAML 2.0 attributes to user fields:

Example of mapping: mapping on left: your mapping on right

email: nameId
firstName: FirstName
lastName: LastName
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