Setting up OBS to for Webcam Streaming

Good day all,
Has anyone else been successful at using a Sony DSLR as a wireless webcam? Perhaps I am making it too complicated. My searches shows that need to use the playmemories app on the camera, connect to the imaging edge remote viewer on the PC, then send the resultant imaging stream through OBS to the server.

OBS askes for a Stream Key to accomplish this. I am getting lost. Anyone else have luck with this?

Is there an easier way, without having to find an HDMI streaming card?

Thank you, Jack

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I have had a similar situation with the EOS Webcam Utility. I have made it work with the Windows camera app. But once I try to use it with the browser, it never configures something. Since there is an arrow that loops endlessly in the area corresponding the image of the camera.

not all DSLR cameras can be used in this way. i know Canon updated the firmware on some of their cameras to expand its functionality for that purpose use the EOS Utility. The stream key you are hung on is published by whomever you are trying to stream TO (i.e. Youtube, Twitch, FB, etc) and gets plugged into the Stream settings in OBS. The Stream Key is kind of like your wifi password keyed into your router. When you are ready to “go live” in OBS, OBS calls out to your stream host using the key (for security) and the host accepts the connection. Sorry if you are already educated on this and I gave too many details.

Thank you that helps. I have a sony a7ii, I can get it to display on the computer, my problem is getting it out to OBS is new to me, and I am not sure it can be done.

if windows can see your DSLR and other applications that use a webcam are picking it up, doxy shouldn’t have any problems with it. doxy allows you to choose which camera you want or if you only have one plugged in it auto detects it. OBS is simply capturing what you give it. the one problem you may be running into is if you are (unintentionally) trying to get both programs to use the same camera, sometimes that can’t be done. i know when i use facebook messenger on my desktop i have to turn off my webcam in OBS so messenger can gain access to it. if you already have the DSLR setup in OBS, try turning it off by clicking the eye next to it in your sources column. use your desktop as a your source and just make sure your doxy browser window is maximized on that desktop. that way doxy has full access to the camera (again, as long as Windows is able to use it that way) and your desktop is a video source in OBS.

by the way, you can use OBS as either a way to send a stream to a host (as mentioned before), record a video to a local file on your PC, or both at the same time. you don’t have to use it as a streaming tool. you CAN just use it as a means to record video on your PC. just want to make it clear that you don’t have to stream from it to use it.