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Does doxy have this feature and if not, can it be added? Is it possible to have the ability to allow the patient to have mouse control when sharing the screen? And to take control back just as easily? Perhaps a share “toggle” that the presenter has control over? This would allow the patient to interact with the material shown, make choices/selections, and identify items on the screen. This is especially important for therapy (speech and language specifically) as we teach a host of things including language comprehension and language expression. Not to mention this helps with engagement that the patient can actually participate and be an active participant rather than a passive one. This is better than having the patient share their screen and interact with the material on their own screen because the therapist 1) cannot see what they are seeing, only their face, 2) it puts a lot more pressure on the patient to know the system and how it operates, 3) for patients that cannot or do not follow directions well, getting them to stop sharing and return the control to the therapist is a nightmare.

This would also be helpful when testing a patient as the patient would have capability to show true skills rather than the examiner essentially giving them hints or accidental “freebies” if they have to tell them everything that is on the screen first. During this time of COVID and the influx of tele-therapy platforms, this would be something that would add to doxy’s overall allure for professionals such as myself and others within the medical field.


I am wondering the same thing- also an SLP. Patient could not make choices with our BOOM cards and i couldn’t even tell which picture patient touched, and had to rely on parent telling me if patient got it right. A HUGE flaw if this cannot be changed!


I would also like to add interest for this feature. For speech therapists and OTs, this is essential to being able to deliver interactive services.

I agree. I was just looking at purchaing the membership, as opposed to the free use but really would value the ability to have the client be able to use my screen for OT activities.

Yes, this is my question also… I am an SLP and want to be able to have interactive capabilities on the screen. Annotation also. Thanks… When will someone in the know be replying? This is my first time on this doxy community page.

Yes, providing mouse control and allowing annotation are very important features for an efficient and reliable method of accessing knowledge via distance learning. These features are provided by competitors and considered essential to SLPs. Are these features add-ons being considered? If so, how soon would they become available?

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As a behavior therapist this feature is a huge deal. Having shared access of remote control is very important as well as having a white board feature.