Share sound without stereo mix

My computers don’t have stereo mix and it would be great if could share sound without needing stereo mix.

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Hi @marilynlazaro is this while screen sharing? Or could you elaborate a bit more on the use case and context?

Yes, while screen sharing. I want to show a dvd program video to my clients, but can’t because I can’t share the sound. I tried numerous ways and it won’t allow it. My computers don’t have stereo mix. I downloaded the softwares, but stereo mix still doesn’t show up. However, when I use Teams I can share sound when sharing my screen.

Okay got it, makes sense. Our team was just demoing a prototype of this functionality, if all goes well it could be out in a few weeks. But I’m not sure just yet. cc @Matt

Like you mentioned, the workaround for now, is to use a separate program on your computer that will combine multiple audio sources into one. One I’ve heard of that works well is: Rogue Amoeba | Loopback: Cable-Free Audio Routing

“Share audio” in the bottom left corner example inside

Thank you, but these two only work on Macs. I have a ThinkPad.

I need this, also, to share video sound with clients. In spring, 2020, I tried everything I was told to do to get stereo mix, but couldn’t get it on a Lenovo PC. I’ve been using Zoom, since then (because it has that functionality, as well as whiteboard) but I’m still paying for doxy. I’ve finally transitioned all clients to Zoom, and have been contemplating leaving doxy. I hope both features are available very soon, so I can stay!

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Understood @elawnsbycounseling. We also have a whiteboard beta feature we are working. I wouldn’t be surprised if I couldn’t get both these functionalities out in at least a beta version in the next few weeks.

CC @Roman