Shared Rooms Chat Initiated by Patient - Random Doctor?

Confirmed this in several tests earlier today.

Assume there are multiple doctors assigned to a Shared Room, and 2 or more doctors are logged into and online, BUT not meeting with patients. They are ‘available’. A patient enters the patient queue of the Shared Room. Patients see multiple doctors currently online and available.

The patient can then click the message icon to begin a chat session-- but the doctor they end up in a chat thread with is randomly assigned to only ONE of the online and available doctors.
This is both awkward for the doctor AND the patient if they are not scheduled to meet with one another.

This seems to be a bug. My impression is that the design should include one or more of the following workflows:

  1. Patients should be able to select the available provider they want to chat with;
  2. Providers who are online and not on a call with a patient should have a DO NOT DISTURB feature to avoid chats
  3. Patients should not be able to initate a chat with a doctor while in the patient queue
  4. Patients should be able to post a comment in a chat box that can be seen by all online and available doctors, but not directed to anyone in particular. All online and available doctors can then see the patients post and decide to respond or not.

Thanks in advance to your response.

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Yes, this is definitely an issue that needs to be addressed. I’d even be happy if this “available” indicator went away completely (or had the option to be hidden tfrom patients). When we have our receptionist and a physician logged into a room, it shows the patient that “2 providers” are available, which is not true. The receptionist is not a provider, and the physician might not actually be available even though he’s not currently on a video call.