Shared screen issue

My clients are seeing a blinking screen, the screen I share. It doesn’t matter what program I am sharing, usually a website using a chrome browser. Only the patient sees the blinking screen. This started this week with multiple clients.
Any advice on this issue?

Hi @msshana thanks for letting us know. We have received several reports of this as well and are looking into it. We don’t have a root cause or solution identified yet but we will follow up with you in the next day or two when we do.

@Matt @Colin

Good Morning MsShana - Our organization has been having challenges with the audio/camera functionality after Windows updates. If Chrome isn’t functioning and you have Edge available try that browser. However with either browser Doxy has a great Help Article re: enabling the camera/microphone that we are utilizing - hope this helps! Access via Help Center - article “Allow access to camera/microphone”

Hi @msshana,

Thanks for your patience. There is an update coming out tomorrow. Let us know if you continue to have screensharing issues!