Shared waiting room redirection for emergency medicine group

The generic welcome page with provider dropdown box for a clinic account subdomain has issues. It is frustrating to have a shared waiting room setup only to have patients sidestep it by going to the generic subdomain address.

A simple fix would be to allow redirection from that page.

We are a large group of emergency medicine providers who wish to have patients check in to our shared waiting room. This works well but if the patient goes to our generic subdomain rather than the specified waiting room they can see a drop down box with all our providers and nonclinical staff. If they then enter one of those rooms it leads to a lot of confusion.

We want to prevent this happening and in other threads support staff have indicated the option to hide providers in the dropdown box should be available in a week or two (30 days ago currently).

I would ask if you could implement the option to automatically redirect patients arriving at the generic subdomain to the shared waiting room.

For example if a patient goes to they end up at

This would get rid of drop down box issue and allow us to have alternative waiting rooms setup which could be activated by changing the redirect url.