Short Cuts for Hanging up?

Does anyone know if there is a short cut to end the call. It would be very helpful since hanging up with a mouse can take time and is slightly awkward.

The fastest, simplest way is to simply close the tab/window is in. If the Doxy window is in front, ctrl-W in Windows or cmd-W on a Mac will do that.
I have it running as a separate application (Site Specific Browser) so when we’re saying goodbye, I can right click on it in the dock and have the mouse over “Quit” in the menu that pops up, then just click the mouse button to end it.
I agree that the multiple clicks to end a session are cumbersome, so I do it this way 99% of the time.

Hi @nock333, thank you for posting. This is a great suggestion, and I agree. We’re working on some updated designs, and I’ll be sure to get these incorporated. But let me see if there is anything we can do in the meantime.