Signed-in Patient Does Not Appear on My Side

Several times lately a patient doesn’t appear in the Patient Queue after they’ve signed in and are in the Waiting Room. This has happened with several patients. At any rate, I don’t know this is happening, so I think they’re late for their appointment. As a result, I call them or text them and they say they’re in the Waiting Room. I have them sign out and sign in again and that addresses the problem. I’ve also refreshed my browser (Chrome) tab and that also seems to address it. Or so it seems.

So, there are workarounds, but I’m wondering if anyone has experienced this same thing? If so, what do you think might be going on?


Yes, I have experienced that several times. One time, I could see the red dot on the logo, so I suspected the client was there, but they didn’t show up in the waiting room. Refreshing my page seems to work. I also just started clicking on the waiting room, even though there was no one there, and after a couple of clicks he showed up and we started the call. I am planning to check in with text at the beginning of the session to determine if they are in the waiting room and I am just not seeing them, or not yet on.
annoying and weird.

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Yes, this recently started happening to me as well. I’m starting to text my clients 3 minutes into the session and I will refresh, thanks for the tip.

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Yes, this happened for the first time today.
Doxy must fix.

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Yes! I I also had this problem on one occasion last week. Crossing my fingers it doesn’t happen again

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This has happened to me 2 times. I have been refresh the page and calling to check with clients if they don’t appear in the first 5 minutes.

I have the same experience; I have to refresh in order to see new sign ins.

This has happened to me many times. Very frustrating!

yes. Ive been having the same problem recently! I get a text that they are in waiting room but they don’t show up on the dashboard!

This happened 2 times last week–hasn’t happened before

I see this happening as well.

Yes this has happened to me and to my co-workers. Since then, if a client is “late” I keep clicking refresh periodically, and within a few minutes I re-send the automated text, and then if still nothing, I contact them to check whether they are actually running late or having trouble logging in. So far this seems to be working for me. Would be nice though for to fix this so I do not have to worry that the client is actually waiting in my waiting room and I’m just not seeing them.

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Yes. Happening to me. I refresh the browser & up they pop!

I have had this primarily with new patients. May have lost one due to this. Fix it Doxy or I am gone.

Is Doxy following these threads??? IS anybody there???

Good question. I believe the more people comment or click Like, the more likely will pay attention to the post. But possibly this issue is too technical for them to easily solve, so they are ignoring it.

Yes. This is still happening to me. It’s been occuring (sporadically) for weeks.

Doxy please fix this!

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This has been happening to me also, more and more frequently. It is frustrating that there is no notification from Doxy.

this just happened to me for the first time (end of July, long after this thread started). I texted the link to the established patient, thinking he was late, and he was able to make himself visible to me by using the new link, but told me he had been in the doxy waiting room for 10 mins, and I could not tell. Surprised that doxy has not corrected this yet.

Hello, today I waited for my client to check in. Her face never appeared. she is always on time. I waited and she called stating she was checked in and that it said I was on line to. This was most embarrassing. Only, because I have had other problems with doxy. I had her hang up and try again. This time I saw her face.
I missed a whole session and will not get paid for the hour I missed with this client.