Since upgrading this am, the platform does not work

Last week i used the free version with my clients and had no problems; but since upgrading to Pro early this am, the platform is not working. people in the waiting room do not show up on my screen.

Hi, that shouldn’t be related to pro upgrade.

Try this help article:

is there a problem in general today; i have not
had problems, which continue, until today.

I just started using this platform last week, it worked fine for 7 out of 8 clients on Thursday. Today it was minimally useful, had to swich to facetime to finish a session just now, stuttering and frame freeze about 20min into the session on 3 out of 4 clients today. The 4th, the quality of call was usable but very subpar. Zoom and Facetime work fine with the same clients, it looks like an issue with Doxy servers. I won’t be using the service much longer if this isn’t resolved. I don’t think this company can withstand the upswing in usage, infrastructure just isn’t there.

I had a very difficult time with the platform today. Is it because there are more people using it. I used last week with same clients and no problems. I cannot tell if the problem is on my end, the client’s end, or with the platform. I suspect it is with the platform. Can Doxyme improve this situation. It doesn’t make me trust this platform. I think I am going to try another HIPPA platform. Has anyone tried other platforms with success?

I think I’m bailing as well. No response here leads me to believe that the problem can’t be worked on/fixed at least in the short term.

Having the same issues too. Very frustrating for my clients. Things are difficult enough as it is, can someone look into this please? thank you

Today was my first day using Doxy and it failed my first client, though we were able to connect at the end of the session using it. I am extremely concerned as we are going fully telehealth starting today!

I have the same issue. WE upgraded and now it does not work. It freezes in the ipad and we can not make it to work.

i gave up for now on tablet or wifi; works better
with a ethernet cable connection.

Hi all, our servers have taken a beating over the past two weeks but we’ve made a consistent and continuous improvement to our infrastructure to keep up with demand.

That said, the main issue with our servers only impacts accessing the website, not with the quality of the call. We use peer-to-peer technology for our audio/video service so the quality is not dependent on our servers. It mostly has to do with the bandwidth and devices of the participants. For example, once you connect with your patient, I can shut off the servers and your call with continue.

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There needs to be improvements in your ability to adjust in real time? We’ve had calls not work well so we call them right back with Face time and its smooth for the most part. When I use doxy on my computer and talk with someone the image is looks really really good when it works. Maybe to HD for cell phones that are on cell data?