Small Window with my picture in it won't disappear or move

Hi, I used to be able to click on the small window on the right that I see myself in and it would disappear. I really loved to be able to do it as it get’s it out of the way and when I am working with a couple, I can see both people’s faces. In the last couple of weeks using it, I noticed that now, if I click the small window, it just toggles making MY face in the large screen and my clients face in the small screen. So, I can’t seem to make it disappear anymore, nor can I move it. The window is often right in front of my clients face when I am seeing a couple. Please advise and thank you!

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Our development team is in the process of bring back that capability and it will function even better than it did before. Thank you for being active on our discussion board. Have a great weekend.


Thanks for being on this, Gwen. I have been having the same issue.
I have been resolving this by making my browser window smaller (not fullscreen, then dragging the browser window so that my face is offscreen.