Smaller window in the corner


Hi! I’d love for to allow for a smaller video that stays on top the way skype does when you go to another browser/application. This will allow me to type my note to my patients on another screen while video conferencing with them and staying engage. otherwise i’m toggling back and forth between windows. thanks!


I agree! I also switch between screens an programs during my consultations and would like to still see my patients while using other apps.


Great idea, we’ll look into it. It may require a special download or plugin to work like that, if so, are you open to doing that for it to work?


yes! i am open to doing that.


I agree. It would be nice if each user could change how the windows appear on the screen (as needed). For example, it would be nice if we could move the small video feed of ourselves to the top, or make the video feed of the patient smaller and move it around. This would help us to make better eye contact by moving the windows to the top of the screen very near the webcam.