SMS invites not delivered to Sprint/Verizon numbers

We’ve had a few reports of our SMS invites not being delivered to people that have Sprint as their carrier. We are reaching out to them to see why and if there is any reason they are not going through.

Sometimes carries with filter messages if they believe they are marketing or spam, so that might be what’s going on.

We are in the process of applying for a SMS Short code to ensure deliverability of all notifications. But this is an 8-12 week process so it will take a bit of time from now.

We’ve implemented a few changes in the meantime that have helped, but if you are getting an error or people are complaining they did not get the notification try these steps:

  1. Ensure the number is correct
  2. Ensure the number is not a landline (this is most common)
  3. If you get an error reach out to to look into it

Thank you for working with us on this during this transition to a shortcode.