Some of my patients can't hear me

I suddenly started having issues with audio. I can hear all of my patients but some (not all) cannot hear me. I’ve had them restart their browsers, clear cookies, and nothing seems to be working. My microphone registers during the pre-call test on my end. This suddenly started happening and I have no idea how to remedy this.

I am having the same problem this afternoon. My last 3 clients were not able to hear me. So I had to do telephone sessions.

What browser are you using? Can you try with another supported browser and see if it helps?

I’m using Firefox. Weirdly, some of my patients can hear me just fine but others cannot. So it seems like a problem on their end. I had everyone do a pre-test and it was all good so i’m confused about what needs to change.

I am using Mozilla Firefox.

There was an update of Firefox released today. I have no way of knowing if that is causing this problem, our tech experts will have to investigate. But I would suggest trying Chrome, Edge or Safari for now if possible and see if it makes a difference.

It’s even possible that it is a specific combination of browsers that is the problem (I.e., you on Firefox, the patient using Chrome), something in the Firefox update might have messed up the communication between the two. I’m not saying it’s definitely this, but it might also work to ask the patient to use another browser if the problem occurs.

The following has just been posted to our status update page:


We are investigating an issue where a person using the Chrome browser, cannot hear a person using the Firefox browser. We will update here in the next hour with any updates as to the root cause.

In the meantime, if both people use Firefox, or both people use Chrome they are able to hear each other fine.

We rolled back this change, and all should be working now.

My problem is that I cannot hear clients while they can hear me. Don’t have this problem when participating in other apps, like Zoom. Am wondering whether I should switch to another app instead of Doxy because this has become a problem using the video and then having to do the session audio by phone.

Same here. The patient cannot hear me on every occasion. I had to call them on another phone.
One time I called first then sent the link. And that worked once. I tried to do it the same way again but no.

Hi Adam, I use firefox browser. I didn’t have this problem back in July but it has just happened to me today. Has something happened to unfix the fix?

Hi Karen. There was a new release of Firefox pushed out a couple of days ago, they changed something that causes it to not work properly. We’re working on a fix, but in the meantime, can you use Chrome?

See this thread for more info: Patients cant hear me - Firefox update

Thanks for your prompt reply!

This problem is not resolved. I continue to have this issue. Same client has no problem one week, cannot hear me the next week, even though other clients on the same day have no problem. And all successfully run the precall test. I am using Safari, all systems are updated. This is a very serious problem. I have spent too many sessions seeing my client while talking over the phone.