Soo disappointed in Doxy. Doing zoom

I had been using Doxy since March 2020. For the last 6 plus months it has been horrible. Where do I start? Calls drop, feed is blurry, there is a lag, clients can’t connect, it’s too loud and the volume won’t work, there is an echo.
I guess you get what you pay for which is nothing.
I also don’t like the political spin by Corporate. I would like to have at least one place where politics is not discussed.
I have now gone to Zoom full time! $150 a year is worth not having disruptions.

Hum? I have been using doxy for about six months, too, and my clients nor I have experienced those problems. Are you sure it’s not your computer?

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confused about the politics comment Victoria

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I feel you. I find the quality of the connection has deteriorated to the extent I will have to drop my subscription to Doxyme and replace with Zoom when it expires. Sad but I can’t continue with the current situation.
With the same connection Zoom is excellent but Doxyme is just poor.