Sound after session

On my Samsung note9 for a few weeks now after a doxy session the sound on my phone goes out. I have to restart the phone to get it back. Does anyone know if it’s a galaxy problem or a doxy problem?

Thank you for posting, @docellen. I don’t seem to meet the same problem when testing with my Samsung Galaxy S21. Can you give a few more details around the exact behavior you’re seeing?

After doxy sessions I test the sound setting snf volume is muted. I have to put phone on do not disturb for doxy to work so it may be do not disturb causes this . I will check this again leaving do not disturb on a bit longer

I have a similar problem. The first call is fine but the next one I will hear the patients voice distorted, either sped up or slowed down. I have to restart my iphone to correct it.
I have tried closing all other windows but it still happens. I would love some help.

Me too. Audio is a problem for several of my patients. We can not hear each other. This is especially true when they are in their car.This happens with iphones especially but sometimes on ipads,and my chromebook…