Sound Issues on Tablets

We have 4 iPad tablets that are having this issue where we cannot hear or can barely hear the other person. I’m using safari to connect. Tried chrome but received an error that you have to use safari. We have tried connecting to them from multiple laptops in the clinic So I know it’s not the laptop or other apps popping up causing problems. Applied all updates to the tablets to no avail and applied driver updates to one of the laptops to no avail. We even got an external microphone to try to no avail. All other sound apps work fine.


We are using the iPad Pro. Software ver. 13.4.1

I’m having the same issues, except on both PC and mobile device. I am able to connect through Chrome just fine. After a few minutes of speaking with the patient, I can either no longer hear them and they can hear me or the quality of the sound is just horrible. The PC is brand new and up to date. All other apps run just fine. I hope this is fixed soon. :pray:

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I’m also having a volume issue on the iPad. Precall test is fine, it’s just low volume and I can barely hear the patient. Everything else works fine. I cannot find any way to adjust this in the iPad system settings, as everything is set to max volume. All other apps work fine with regard to volume. Notably I have the same issue with Zoom meetings on iPad as well. I think this issue is the same as the first poster in this thread, but not likely the second poster. Any suggestions?

So many problems. I have worked with Doxy twice on these issues. Have recently tried out HIPAA compliant ZOOM with no problems. I think there is an issue intrinsic to Doxy compatibility w different (common) devises…