Sound notifications

My sound notification for letting me know when a patient has entered the waiting room has stopped working. The sound notification switch is definitely “on” and I haven’t done anything that would make it suddenly stop working. Any suggestions?

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I’ve also had this issue for a very long time. What can we do about this, Doxy? All setting are where they ned to be.

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Mine too; I only had it for a few weeks and it was nice, and now it’s gone!

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My experience is that it randomly comes and goes no matter what I do to try and keep it permanently working. Hoping a doxy tech helps us.

I have had the same issue

Thank you all for posting and commenting. Can you confirm the browser (Safari, Chrome, Firefox, etc.) that you are using and whether you have a tab active when you notice the sound notification doesn’t happen? This information will help us troubleshoot where the issue is happening so we can fix it.

Safari, and tab is active. Works fine on Chrome.

Correction, Firefox!!

Thank you for responding with that info, @docparis. From the reports we’ve received, we do believe the issue is isolated to Firefox and we are investigating further.

As of today, it’s fixed - works fine with Firefox! Thank you, Doxy!