Sound problems every call

Continuing the discussion from Intermittent sound distortion:

Sound is a problem most if the time. I use an ipad pro and the sound is muffled, once in a while it fixes itself and is clear, it just happens!? I check out my equipment with a doxy check and all is fine, speakers and microphone are working and this is very frustrating! The crackling sound has gone away, just left with a muffled sound.
Almost every session we have to sign out, try signing back in and mostly use cell phone for audio.

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This is my experience as well. Sound is not an issue in EVERY session but it is problematic in the majority of sessions. I have used since March. This sound problem was a rare occurrence until this past month.

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If your patients are using an Apple product, and haven’t accepted/completed the latest update, this will happen… usually after 30-60 seconds of waiting, the sound will clear up.

I am having sound problems as well and I have the latest Apple update.

My patients hare having audio problems this month, despite doing a check prior to the session.

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I had a call last night with such bad static- we had to mute both compters and use our phones on speaker for the audio piece – how do you update with doxy?