Sound problems every call

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Sound is a problem most if the time. I use an ipad pro and the sound is muffled, once in a while it fixes itself and is clear, it just happens!? I check out my equipment with a doxy check and all is fine, speakers and microphone are working and this is very frustrating! The crackling sound has gone away, just left with a muffled sound.
Almost every session we have to sign out, try signing back in and mostly use cell phone for audio.


This is my experience as well. Sound is not an issue in EVERY session but it is problematic in the majority of sessions. I have used since March. This sound problem was a rare occurrence until this past month.


If your patients are using an Apple product, and haven’t accepted/completed the latest update, this will happen… usually after 30-60 seconds of waiting, the sound will clear up.

I am having sound problems as well and I have the latest Apple update.

My patients hare having audio problems this month, despite doing a check prior to the session.

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I had a call last night with such bad static- we had to mute both compters and use our phones on speaker for the audio piece – how do you update with doxy?

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Very unhappy with doxy past 6 weeks. Clients have been unable to stay connected, waste time rebooting even after we use doxybot to check, and end up using my cell phone. May look for different platform. What else is out there?

past week has been awful - I have 5g , I can see the clients bands - 2-4 usually , sorry but I test zoom at same time with same person and it was crystal clear … is this something they are working on ? my internet speed is above 75 with full wifi (excellent )

My sound problem is delayed voice transmission. We see lips moving before we hear the voice.

I have been getting voice delay again lately. Also, annoying that the only way to recover sound after a (rejected) phone call is to disconnect and reconnect. Even the refresh connection option does nothing to fix this. Perhaps Doxy should create an app instead of using browser. None of my apps have this problem. Actually, neither do internet videos. Not sure why Doxy or their streaming provider can’t figure this out.