Staff Login without waiting room?

I sometimes need staff like a receptionist or a medical assistant to have a login that access various provider accounts (Dylan taught me how to share a provider account with another user), but they don’t necessarily need a “waiting room”. I’d love to see something like this. :slight_smile:


What was the solution for having a share a provider account with another user?

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I agree. With 88 total users, we have two basic types of users in our environment: providers and staff. We are using shared rooms for ALL patient traffic, and we are actively discouraging use of the per-user rooms. We do this by making the room url donotuseX, where x is an incremental number (1, 2, 3,…) keeping the urls always unique per user. And we set the room’s display name to “DON’T USE THIS ROOM”. Then, we train everyone to use only the shared rooms.

And this all seems to be working fine, but it’s a LOT of clicking to get things setup this way for all these users. And we probably have more users coming onboard soon.

So, it would be nice to have the option when making a new user to simply check a box so they don’t have ANY room of their own, maybe pointing them to a default shared room instead (which would auto-grant them access to that shared room!).

Under the main “owner account” I went to: account settings > clinic settings > Toggle Features> and turned on “Grant Room Access”. Then, under each provider account we went to account settings > sharing > and then selected to share the provider account with the staff account

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