On Wednesday, 11/25/20 each call begnning from 1 pm to late afternoon began with static on my end though client could hear me fine. Required one or more restarts for normal sound to restore. I was using a Mac with safari browser. The last call also had static towards the end. Did anyone else experience this issue? Very disruptive to all my afternoon sessions.

Doxy sent update stating having issues with safari 14 as briwser but working on it and to try another browser like google chrome

Hi. Thanks for responding. I did not see the update. Was this sent tour email? I signed up for notices but did not receive anything on this.

Richard K

I had the same problem with static on 11/17/20 using Google Chrome…
C. Agbayani

It appeared momentarily on my screen then disappeared when I was on doxy

Still happening on 11/27/20. I also use a Mac and Safari.

I am having the same trouble as above mentioned. Since I upgrade my Mac to Big Sur, Safari isn’t an option because of sound problems. Chrome is less bad but still problematic. Does anyone know how Doxy communicates about their updates? Also- I called the phone number and left a detailed message requesting a call back. Maybe it would make Doxy more responsive if other people called in to their helpline…

I was off last week but today I struggled with the above problem at the beginning of every session (5). I did have to complete one session by phone. I’m hoping tomorrow will be better.

My patients have been complaining about this for the past 3 days.

It is not just doxy. Other platforms are having the same experience with safari.

The problem of initial garbled audio persists- both yesterday and today.

I am definitely experiencing static covering client’s voices. Sometime it stops after a while, but often persists. Very frustrating. The is no help. Has anyone been able to reach and actually speak with a representative? Really need to fix this

Yes. Same time frame, only the week prior: morning use of doxy was fine, afternoons were terrible. By Friday of that prior week my client said she hated the program because we have had so many issues with connection cutting into our time, so I spend an extra ten minutes to make up for it at the end. We are near routers, wear earphones, have latest software. I keep thinking there are solar flares! It is very annoying and more times than not I have to take the payment on doxy then switch to FaceTime, which is so much better. This was happening with multiple clients. And there is almost always an echo and delay, even today.

Coarse audio static, sometimes me, sometimes the other end, lasts about 30 seconds and clears up. Started after MacOS Big Sur update. Happens with Safari, Chrome, Brave browsers. Clearly an issue with Big Sur/Doxy compatibility. Adding my story to the list of complaints. I assume someone at Doxyme is following this thread. A reply from them would be nice. Can’t justify paying for the service if this problem isn’t resolved quickly.

Yep, major problem all day with static sound all at the start of each session. Sveeral of my clients commented on. A therapist, who is a client also of mine, indicated her cleitns were having the same problem in her sessions, and yes, she is also using

Same issue w/ Safari. I’ve not had the static problem w/ Firefox but my MacBook Air starts to heat up part way into the call, the fan starts churning and then the video gets a little choppy if I stay on too long. On longer calls I’ve started pausing part way through to put the call on hold then restart Firefox which works temporarily.

I am getting this static now on every call. First it is on my end or theirs and then the reverse. I am using a MacBook and Safari browser. Very frustrating. It is getting worse and worse. I end up using Face Time even though I am paying for Doxy.

I am having a similar experience. The static goes away after about 20 seconds but very frustrating indeed

Yes, seems like my clients were having trouble hearing me at the very beginning but it would then resolved in a few seconds.

The static used to go away after about 20 seconds, but not any more. It can take about 10 minutes. Too much time when people are paying for 50 minute sessions!