Static with Safari

Every call where patient uses Safari on IOS starts with terrible static on pt’s side. After about 30-60 seconds the static goes away.

Hi there!

Thank you for reaching out to us! We are aware of this issue. Any patient or provider that joins a call with a Safari browser will cause this issue for everyone on the call! The issue lies in Safari’s source code which we cannot change however Safari just released an update this week that resolves this issue for good! Please have all patients upgrade their safari browser before joining a call or wait 20-40 seconds for the distorted audio sounds to fade.

If for any reason your patients aren’t able to update their browser in the moment, try the following:
1/Start a chat with the patient and tell them the audio just needs 30-60 seconds to resolved.
2/Ask if they have another device at their disposal and use one of below browsers:

For Windows Laptop/Desk: Chrome, Edge, Firefox (No Internet Explorer)
For Mac Laptop/iMac: Chrome, Safari, Firefox
For iPhone/iPad: Safari Only at this time (This may have brief audio clicking)
For Android Mobile/Tablet: Chrome, Edge, Samsung, Firefox (No I.E.)

We will continue to monitor this and communicate new information/workarounds as they arise.

Happy Holidays!

*Paige Treadway *

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Do we have an expected turn around time for this safari update? Can doxy try to work with safari to fix this problem soon? It is extremely disruptive.

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Thank you for your reply. If Un updated Safari is the cause, why did the old Safari work fine before. It seems something changed with your communication providers that caused the old version to no longer work correctly. Perhaps they updated something that is not backwards compatible

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It was a new version that was released by Apple last month and affected many many programs, not just This is why Apple scrambled to release another update about 3-4 weeks later.


The updated version of Safari was release about 2 weeks ago.