Stay Connected to Your Patients with’s Picture-in-Picture Feature

Did you know you can take your patient’s video feed with you while you switch tabs or windows? The Picture-in-Picture tool—available to all users while on a call—allows providers to check their notes, share their screen and do many other things without having to lose sight of their patients.

To use PiP, begin a call, then click the Picture-in-Picture button, shown below.

Doing this turns your patient’s video into a resizable window that can be moved anywhere on the screen and will follow you into different tabs.

How to use picture-in-picture.

So why is this feature helpful? Here are a few examples:

  • You may need to check a patient’s health files or other information in a different tab while you’re on a call with them. Using PiP, you can keep them in your view no matter what screen you’re on.
  • Tired of going split-screen while you take notes in-session? Use PiP to drop your patient’s video over your notes document and get the best of both worlds!
  • When sharing your screen with your patient, you sometimes lose the ability to see them—unless you use PiP! This can be especially valuable for telehealth providers who need to watch reactions to certain material they are sharing.
  • PiP allows you to simulate eye contact. If you move the patient’s video window right below your monitor’s webcam, it will appear that you are making eye contact when you look at their video. This is more of a pro tip for providers hoping to personalize their call experience.

As you can see, the PiP function is a useful tool. Can you think of any other fun or helpful ways to use PiP? Would you like to see similar posts about a different feature? Please let us know down below!