Still not seeing clients in waiting room even after I receive notification they are there

I’m sometimes not able to see clients when they enter the waiting room. Sometimes I’ll get a notification they’re there, sometimes not. The only remedy is to log out and log in again. This is especially annoying if there is no notification and I have to keep logging in and out to see them. I have read the help articles, and I have tried all the remedies suggested. This has been going on for some time. So I ask myself, why am I shelling out $35 a month? I may as well get the free version or maybe go to another platform. I understand responding to the exponential increased demand for your platform over the past year has been challenging, but I expect a certain level of service if I’m paying premium. Please don’t give a list of basic suggestions like “make sure you sent your client the correct address”.

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I’ve had the same issue. Logging out and back in results in further delays when the client gets kicked out of the waiting room by me logging out. Notifications are inconsistent just like you experience.

I had issues seeing clients in waiting room recently, and I could see them after refreshing the window; I was using Chrome. I didn’t have to sign out or restart computer.
Elin Watson, LPC (Mo)

Hello! Thank you for your feedback and I am sorry to hear that you have been having issues with your patient queue.
What browser do you typically use? We recommend clearing your cache and cookies frequently, once a day or so, which helps immensely with loading in the patient queue.
Thank you!

I’ve had this problem repeatedly today and 4/23/2021. It hasn’t been an issue in the previous year I’ve been using Doxy. Is anyone else having the same problem?

Just happened today. Does not induce patient confidence.

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When a browser tab has been left idle for longer than five minutes a refresh tells the browser to go back and update the new information that someone has checked into your waiting room. This happens when simultaneously working in other tabs waiting for the appointment. Highlight the URL web address then select “enter” to refresh the browser. Also in the URL web address click the lock icon to remove cookies to clear cache when refreshing as this helps too. Be sure to turn on your Alert Notifications in your Account Settings. This will notify you when to refresh the browser if the patient does not appear online after they check in. If you continue to have this issue after these steps, try a different browser to confirm it’s not a browser issue. If you need further assistance, we’re happy to help and walk you through more in-depth troubleshooting steps.

A secondary reason that could be causing this error to appear is if the provider and receptionist are sharing the solo individual login account information. As this will only allow the receptionist to see the patients and not the provider because the account does not authorized shared accounts. Sharing a Professional Subscription with a second person will cause many issues to arise such as patient not appearing in the que. Contact to upgrade to our Clinic Subscription for 2+ users. It was designed specifically to enable the features and controls groups expect. :slightly_smiling_face: